Sunday, 4 November 2012


Ooooomygodddd I am so happyy!!!
I am dancing in a hiphop dancing team, called YouNique (remember the name, haha), and today we had a competition. We were very nervous, because we don't win a lot of prizes, and the competition today was very heavy... We were sure we didn't win anything so when they announced the winners we weren't even listening, when all of a sudden we heard the host calling YOUUUNIQUE! I have never felt a feeling like that before, WOW soooo cool to win something you trained for very hard. Gives us a huge motivationboost!
Tell me what you think of our performance :)

My team is everyone not dressed in black, I am the one with the leopard jacket (the love of my life, if I could, I would sleep in it)

YouNique (me below, first one)

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